“THNG is the optimal solution to reach people with modern means and to invite them to actively shape their future. We are sure that the app will bring people together. ”

— Joshua Raabe, CEO of THNG

Mobile, Web
Design and Development

Professional service for elections, surveys, and voting

The goal was to create a new form of digital participation for democratic decisions in politics, business, and society.

Easily and securely to use at any time and any place

*Whitelabel screens

Anonymous votes and verified voters

The votes are stored anonymously and cannot be traced back to individual persons. Voters need to register by QR-code scanner or manually entering the code. Every ID is verified, so votes can’t be fake.

Active and preceding surveys overview

You will find an overview of your current or completed surveys. If surveys have already been completed, you can view the final survey results. You can find these under “Previous surveys”.

THNG application screens
THNG application screens

If you want to send your vote, just put your answer in the ballot box

Survey results

Once the survey has been completed, the system evaluates the data on request and prepares it visually for you and your participants in the form of statistics. After the survey results have been published, user will receive a push notification.

It is possible to choose between Preliminary, Final, and Weighted Results and review the results by district, gender, turnout, age, responses, etc.