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Binaryx going BIG. Story about Devs wind of change.


Domagoj Vilović




Binaryx becomes Collective Mind

Often in our lives, we can hear about something that is going through a rebranding, but let’s be honest, how many times does that term take a real act, contrary to just being part of the marketing plan? Well, in our case, Binaryx is going BIG with this one, for real. 🚀

We started as a software development company from the City of Osijek in Croatia back in 2018, established as a sister company of, at the time known, aaronprojects GmbH - an IT consulting company based in Germany. We had a small office, a three-man squad, and most importantly - a big willingness to learn so that we can eventually get to where we wanted to. Today, in this pandemic period, we can state that we have officially survived IT. But not that we only survived it, on the contrary, 2020 has been our best year yet. It has been our year of change. 🌬️

Imagine young Bill Gates back in the days moving out from his garage to his first skyscrap… uhh ok, maybe his first biggish office for the comparison. 😅 Well, there we are now!

By the beginning of 2021 we have moved to a bigger office and expanded our crew up to 10+ employees’ team. We are looking for new developers at almost every given moment, alongside other professions such as UI/UX designers, QA’s, various economist roles, etc. We launched our new website and started with our first ever blog section that will be monthly active from now on. We are acquiring more complex projects and are getting recognized in our region and beyond. We continue our cooperation with the German colleagues, but also with some of Croatia’s companies, as well as some other significant EU and Overseas based ones (US/UK). We are going to start cultivating our social media profiles more profoundly. Our goal is also to get into marketing big time in 2021. We are about to expand by every means possible, becoming a Full-Service agency. 💎

“Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.”

— James Cash Penney, founder, JC Penney

But what really makes for a change to be named with such a strong word like “rebranding”?

By a textbook, that would mean a process of change in a nutshell, but if we dig a bit deeper into the matter, it stands for a completely different understanding of an idea. A new philosophy inside the company. We at Binaryx changed our perspective about lots of things through this 3-year long journey. Perspective regarding programming itself, business cooperation, and acquisition of new talents. We found new partners, acquired plenty of new projects, and met new people. We expanded our team with people from professions other than computer science. We took students for internships. We held many team-building activities. We grew. We became family. 🦸‍♀‍🦸‍♂‍

The best thing about being in an entrepreneurial environment is constant growth. Growing from a start-up phase up to having a mid-sized company is something that changes you and every of your team member involved in that process. Your values become way different, you treat people, colleagues, and money differently, and your view of the surroundings is not the same anymore.

What else would include rebranding in Binaryx’s case? Oh, obviously - a name change! Forget about Binaryx from now on. Here we are celebrating our new company’s name: collective:mind | DEV. 🤝🏻🧠

We united with the two sister companies of ours, with whom we will, from now on, perform and brand under the name COLLECTIVE MIND. To put it in context, the collective portrays the human factor and teamwork, while the mind demonstrates our expertise. The company then follows the pipe with the respective core competencies in the field of #AI, #Development, and #Consulting.

  • collective:mind | AI
  • collective:mind | DEV
  • collective:mind | SOLUTIONS

Starting the year with a brand-new name round off our fresh start. Nowadays we describe ourselves as a full-service agency focused on tailor-made software development. We are digital sapiens whose mission is to design and implement visionary, customer-centred IT solutions of impeccable quality. The difference.

P.S. One quick fun fact: Collective mind’s team would consist of around double the employees by the end of the year than it employs at the moment. How about that? 😎

“I’m here to build something for the long-term. Anything else is a distraction.”

— Marc Zuckerberg, founder, Facebook

But let’s leave all this rebranding thing behind for a second and let’s say you are here for the first time visiting our page and reading this article. You must be wondering what we did before this whole rebranding thing, as we were not that open on our previous website about the projects of ours.

Imagine a scenario like this:
On the day of your town’s elections, you log into your app for a new type of voting you have never experienced before, voting for your town’s council via mobile app. As you opened your phone, a reminder from a garbage disposal app popped up saying that you need to take your trash outside later today. While you are on your phone, you also spot a notification badge on the icon of one of your app regarding security in your area, so you head to your app that informs you about crimes committed in the area near your location.

Yeah, this story does seem a bit out of place, we agree. But what if we tell you everything in this story is enabled via our applications. 🧐 You heard right, check for yourselves down below.

App design

The following apps from the story: THNG, Enzkreis, and Vestur have all been made using React Native framework, and that exact React/React Native proficiency is Collective mind’s strongest development aspect, amongst many others.

“Every end is a new beginning.”

— Someone smart out there

There are lots more complex apps and systems to be developed ahead of us, and with the new crew, new place, and a new name for the journey ahead of us, 2021 is going to be our year to remember. 📈 📈

Stay tuned to our blog for the upcoming posts which are going to be a bit more on the technical side. Maybe you even learn something while casually browsing our new website.